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Tender No: VSSC/MMEPUR/2017E0933001 Tender Ref. Date: 30-10-2017
Tender Type: Public Tender Currency: INR
Description: Power Pack for Vacuum Induction Melting
No. of Material: 1 Tender Mode: Multi Part
Division: MME PURCHASE Purchase Entity: MME PURCHASE
Remark: INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS 1.GST No. Our Goods & Service Tax (GST) Registration No.32AAAGV0026J1ZL. 2.GSTIN, Rate & HSN Code: Vendors registered under GST shall mention their GSTIN, applicable rate and HSN code wherever necessary as per GST Law. 3.Customs Duty: We are fully exempted from payment of Customs Duty vide Notification No.50/2017 dated 30/06/2017. 4.Warranty Period: Our requirement of Warranty period is 12 months / 5.Performance Bank Guarantee (PBG): PBG @ 10% of order value to be submitted in the form of Bank Guarantee from a Scheduled Bank, valid till successful completion of all contractual obligations, including the warranty period, in case PO/Contract is awarded. 6.Security Deposit: SD will be applicable if the Purchase Order value is above Rs.5 lakhs. SD @ 10% of order value to be submitted in the form of Bank Guarantee from a Scheduled Bank, valid till successful completion of PO / Contract, if awarded. 7.Consolidated SD cum PBG: If both SD and PBG are applicable, a Consolidated SD cum PBG for 10% order value can be submitted in the form of Bank Guarantee from a Scheduled Bank, valid till successful completion of all contractual obligations, including the warranty period. 8.Liquidated Damages Clause: The delivery period should be realistic. The delivery period so quoted and mentioned in the order is the essence of the PO/Contract. In case of delay in delivery of material as per the delivery schedule, LD @ 0.5% per week or part thereof on the undelivered portion subject to a maximum of 10% of the contract value shall be levied. Wherever installation & commissioning is also involved, the supply will be deemed to have been completed only when the entire Stores is supplied, installed and accepted. 9.LD, Warranty, PBG, SD clauses are mandatory and offer without acceptance of these clauses will not be considered for evaluation. 10.Delivery terms: Our standard delivery term is FOR, VSSC Trivandrum. In case any vendors offer delivery term of Ex-Works, Packing & Forwarding charges, if any, should be indicated separately either as a percentage of the quoted rate or as a lump sum amount. 11.Payment terms: Our standard payment term is 100% within 30 days for indigenous order and Sight Draft/LC for foreign orders. All Bank charges shall be on the account of Vendor. 12.All registered MSME vendors are requested to provide their Registration and Ownership details. 13.Vendors may please note that MSMEs are not exempted from the submission of Security Deposit. 14.Vendors shall provide the name, address, email ID and contact number of authorised official in order to contact in case of need. 15.PO will be placed on technically and commercially suitable lowest offer basis and VSSC reserves the right to split the order on L1 basis. 16.If any vendor submits forged / false documents along with the tender, offer of such vendors will be summarily rejected and such bidders will be blacklisted for all future tenders. 17.Tenders are not transferrable and in case any vendor is not interested or able to submit their tenders, such vendors may send their regret letter 18.VSSC has the right to cancel the tender without assigning any reason etc.
Officer Name: vs_pomme1 Officer Designation: Purchase & Stores Officer
Notice Text
E-Procurement No.VSSC/MME PUR/2017 E0 9330 01.

E-Tenders are invited for Power Pack For Vacuum Induction Melting through our E-procurement site Tender documents can be downloaded as per schedule.

This is a TWO-PART tender i.e. Techno-Commercial (Part-I) and Price Bid (Part-II). Hence all technical & commercial details shall be furnished in the Techno-Commercial Bid while price shall be indicated only in the Price Bid.

Only online tenders will be accepted. No manual/Postal/e-mail/Fax offers will be entertained. No manual tender document will be issued. Parties interested to participate in this e-Tender are required to register themselves as vendors, if not already registered, in our e-procurement portal by downloading plugins and help demos listed on the home page of the e-procurement link mentioned above to complete the vendor registration process. They can seek help from help desk 080 67807786 also as provided in the home page of e-procurement portal in case of any problem for registration and subsequent process. e-Tenders are invited for the Supply of Items listed below. The Bids are to be prepared and submitted in specified Templates online, by logging into the portal Submission of Bids involves two stages to be performed by Vendors - Submission of Bids and Open Authorization. The Bids remain encrypted with the bidder's public key, until the Open Authorization stage. All those Bids where Open Authorization is not given, are automatically disqualified. Such Bids will not be openable and will not be considered for further processing. The Vendors are advised to submit the Bids much before the Closing Time to avoid last minute problems.
Tender Common Templates
Technical Write-up/Drawings | Instructions to Tenderers [Form.20] | Instructions to Tenderers [Form.22] SPECIFIC TERMS AND CONDITIONS
Sr No Item Description Unit Of
1 POWER CONTROLLER Supply of solid state power supply unit for vacuum induction melting furnace (60 KW/3000 Hz)as per Annexure-I Nos. 1
Fee Structure
SrNo Stage Amount (Rs.)
Seq No Buyer Stage Supplier Stage Start Date & Time Expiry Date & Time
1 Tender Release - 13-11-2017 10:00 17-11-2017 17:00
2 - Tender download 17-11-2017 17:01 29-12-2017 17:00
3 - Bid Submission 17-11-2017 17:02 29-12-2017 17:00
4 Bid Sealing - 29-12-2017 17:01 01-01-2018 17:00
5 - Open Authorisation 01-01-2018 17:01 04-01-2018 17:00
6 Tender Opening - 04-01-2018 17:01 30-03-2018 17:00
7 Tender Evaluation - 04-01-2018 17:02 30-03-2018 17:00
8 Price Bid Opening - 04-01-2018 17:03 30-03-2018 17:00
9 Price Bid Evaluation - 04-01-2018 17:04 30-03-2018 17:00
10 PO Release - 04-01-2018 17:05 30-03-2018 17:00