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Tender No: VSSC/PRSOPURCH/2019E1562302 Tender Ref. Date: 01-08-2019
Tender Type: Public Tender Currency: INR
Description: Automated gas pycnometer
No. of Material: 1 Tender Mode: Multi Part
Division: PRSO PURCHASE Purchase Entity: PRSO PURCHASE
Remark: 1. This is a Two-Part tender i.e. Techno-Commercial (Part-I) and Price Bid (Part-II).
2.Compaince matrix showing response to each point in Technical Specification with required supporting documents shall be uploaded in Technical Bid (Part-I).
3. Wherever price implication is there, corresponding price break up shall be uploaded only in ''Commercial Documents Solicited from Vendor'' tab.
4. Price Breakup format ''WITHOUT PRICES'' shall be uploaded in Technical Bid to know the pattern of quoting.
6. Warranty of 3 Years from the date of installation, commissioning and acceptance of the machine is required for the item.
7. We are eligible for partial exemption of IGST vide Notification No: 47/2017-Integrated Tax (Rate) dtd 14/11/2017 issued by Dept. of Revenue, Ministry of Finance (IGST@5%). Necessary Certificate will be issued by us. Please submit your quotations accordingly.
8. As per NOTIFICATION No. 50/2017 CUSTOMS Dt.30/06/2017 Sl. No. 539(b) as amended by Notification No.5/2018 dtd 25/01/2018, We are eligible for concessional payment of customs duty and IGST. Hence CD & IGST element shall be specified separately in the quotation. PLEASE ATTACH YOUR OFFER (Quotation) COPY IN PDF FORMAT UNDER the ''COMMERCIAL DOCUEMNTS FROM VENDOR tab''.
9. Wherever Purchase Order Value is Rs. 5.00 Lakhs and above, the successful bidder is required to furnish Security Deposit @ 10% of the order value by way of Bank Guarantee/Fixed Deposit Receipt/Demand Draft. Micro and Small Enterprises [MSEs] are also required to submit Security Deposit and are not eligible for exemption from submission of security Deposit.
Officer Name: vs_poprso Officer Designation: Sr. Purchase & Stores Officer
Notice Text
E-Procurement No. VSSC/PRSO PURCH/2019 E0 15623 01.

E-Tenders are invited for the Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Gas Pycnometer through our E-procurement site Tender documents can be downloaded from our website. This is a TWO-PART tender i.e. Techno-Commercial Bid (Part-I) and Price Bid (Part-II) shall be submitted separately. All technical and commercial terms and conditions shall be furnished in the Techno-Commercial Bid while price shall be indicated only in the Price Bid

Only online tenders will be accepted. No manual/Postal/e-mail/Fax offers will be entertained. No manual tender document will be issued. Parties interested to participate in this e-Tender are required to register themselves as vendors, if not already registered, in our e-procurement portal by downloading plugins and help demos listed on the home page of the e-procurement link mentioned above to complete the vendor registration process. They can seek help from help desk 080 67807786 also as provided in the home page of e-procurement portal in case of any problem for registration and subsequent process. Vendors may please note that without registering in our E-procurement portal, they will not be able to quote for this e-tender.

In case of any technical difficulty at the time of Bid Submission/Open Authorization, parties shall contact helpdesk directly via e-mail. Relevant screenshots of the issues observed may be sent to for immediate attention. The tender schedule will be followed strictly and no request for date extension will be entertained. Hence, parties are requested to submit offers well in advance.
Tender Common Templates
Technical Write-up/Drawings SPECIFIC TERMS AND CONDITIONS | Instructions to Tenderers [Form.20] | Instructions to Tenderers [Form.22]
Sr No Item Description Unit Of
1 GAS PYCNOMETER Supply & installation of high precision automated gas pycnometer and accessories.Detailed specifications are enclosed Nos. 1
Fee Structure
SrNo Stage Amount (Rs.)
Seq No Buyer Stage Supplier Stage Start Date & Time Expiry Date & Time
1 Tender Release - 01-08-2019 10:00 13-08-2019 11:00
2 - Tender download 13-08-2019 11:01 16-09-2019 14:00
3 - Bid Submission 13-08-2019 11:01 16-09-2019 14:00
4 Bid Sealing - 16-09-2019 14:01 17-09-2019 12:00
5 - Open Authorisation 17-09-2019 12:01 20-09-2019 16:00
6 Tender Opening - 20-09-2019 16:01 07-11-2019 09:50
7 Tender Evaluation - 20-09-2019 16:01 10-06-2020 14:00
8 Price Bid Opening - 10-06-2020 14:01 15-06-2020 17:00
9 Price Bid Evaluation - 15-06-2020 14:01 20-06-2020 17:00
10 PO Release - 15-06-2020 14:01 15-06-2020 17:00