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Tender Common Template Details
TenderNo: 16433 Tender Ref. Date: 11-08-2020
Tender Ref. No: VSSC/CMSEPUR/2020E2031001
Template Desc : Instructions to Tenderers [GENERAL TERMS PT CMSE]
Sr No Description Value
Please attach your offer documents in pdf format also.
1. PAYMENT: Our standard payment term is 100% Within 30 days after receipt and acceptance for indigenous items / Sight Draft for import cases]. Bank Charges to respective accounts.
. 2. Please keep & confirm the offer validity minimum 90 days from the date of opening of tender.
3. All tax invoices issued by suppliers/ service providers on or after July 01, 2017 shall invariably bear their GST registration no (GSTIN) and the applicable GST rates and HSN code. In the absence of which, the invoices shall not be processed for payment.
3.1 Please quote applicable GST separately.
a. We are eligible for partial exemption of IGST vides Notification No: 47/2017-Integrated Tax (Rate) dtd 14/11/2017 and 45/2017-Central Tax (Rate) dtd 14/11/2017 issued by Dept. of Revenue, Ministry of Finance. Necessary Exemption Certificates will be issued on demand.
b. We are eligible for partial exemption of CGST and SGST vide Notification No: 45/2017 dtd 14/11/2017 and No: 169/2017/TAXES dtd 15/11/2017 respectively. Necessary Exemption Certificates will be issued on demand.
4. We are exempted from Customs duty for which necessary certificate will be issued, if required. Tenderers are requested to take note of this aspect and submit offer accordingly.
4.1 As per Notification No. 5/2018-CUSTOMS DTD. 25/01/2018, We are eligible for concessional payment of customs duty and IGST. Hence CD & IGST element shall be specified separately in the quotation
5. DELIVERY TERM: Our standard delivery term is FOR CMSE-VSSC. In case of Ex-Works, please indicate packing, forwarding & freight charges up to CMSE-VSSC, separately. (For more details please see DOS Forms attached).
6. Where an agent participates in a tender on behalf of one manufacturer, he should not quote on behalf of another manufacturer along with first manufacturer in a subsequent/parallel tender for the same item. However the Indian agents at their option can quote on behalf of one or more principals/manufacturers provided the items pertain to different Brands/Makes and/or with different options. The Indian agent on behalf of foreign principal or the foreign principal directly could Bid in a tender but not both. Percentage of Agency commission if any included in the offer shall be explicitly mentioned and will be paid in Indian currency.
7. VSSC has a right to cancel the tender without assigning any reason etc.
8. LIQUIDATED DAMAGES: The delivery period stipulated in the PO is the essence of the order. If you fails to deliver the stores within the time specified in the order, the purchaser shall recover a sum @0.5% of the order value per week /part of a week or 0.5% of the value of stores for which the delivery is delayed for each week of delay/part delay, as case may be, subject to a maximum 10% of order value..
9. SECURITY DEPOSIT: The successful Vendor shall submit a Security Deposit @10% of the order value at the option of the Purchaser within the specified period, failing which will lead to breach of Contract, forfeiture of EMD, Risk Purchase, Compensation for damages any thereby etc.
10. In case if any Bidder is submitting their Offer on HIGH SEA SALES BASIS: then the Indian Trader shall submit the following documents mandatorily along with their offer.
a. The Import Export Code of the Indian Trader
b. Bank Authorization Code of the Indian Trader
c. GSTIN of the Indian Trader
Likewise, while executing the Purchase Order/Contract; the Indian Trader shall mandatorily submit the following:
a. High Sea Sale Agreement.
b. Invoice pertaining to the Indian Trader in INR and the invoice of the foreign vendor in foreign currency.
10.1 In case of Foreign/Import Tenders:
a. The bidder shall clearly mention the full ordering address in capital letters.
b. The bidder shall clearly mention their banker’s address including their SWIFT code compulsorily.
c. Any change of address shall be compulsorily supported by Documentary proof issued either by Governmental agencies or by Chamber of Commerce.
d. Foreign Principal’s Proforma Invoice/quote indicating the Agency Commission payable to the Indian Agent and the nature of after sales service to be rendered by the Indian Agent.
e. Copy of the Agency Agreement between the Foreign Principal and the Indian Agent, and the precise relationship between them their mutual interest in the business.
f. Registration and Item empanelment of the Indian Agent.
11. In order to avail of the benefits extended to by Govt. of India to the Micro and Small Sectors, please submit attested copy of the valid Entrepreneur Memorandum Part-II signed by the General Manager, District Industries Centre / UdyogAdhar / NSIC Registration Certification along with your offer. PFMS Vendor Registration No., Contact Person, mail id etc indicated in your offer documents.
12. If any bidder submits forged / false document along with the tender, offer of such vendors will be summarily rejected and such bidders will be blacklisted for all future tenders.
14. The other attached forms are our standard terms and conditions, which are to be complied with. If any conflict arise between the specific terms and standard terms, then in those cases, the specific terms will prevail over the standard terms. SPECIAL CONDITIONS: This is a two part tender, Technical & Commercial Part (Part-I) and Price Part (Part-II) shall be submitted separately. The tenderers should not attach any documents containing Pricing information along with Technical & Commercial Bid (Part-I). We do not open PART-II (Price Bid), if PART-I (Technical & commercial Offer) does not meet with our technical specification requirements. Cost split up, other price details etc. shall be uploaded as a separate document under COMMERCIAL DOCUMENTS FROM VENDOR tab
Back Technical Write-up/Drawings Instructions to Tenderers [Form DOS PM 20 FOR CMSE VSSC] Instructions to Tenderers [GENERAL TERMS PT CMSE]